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'On this New Year’s Eve, this watch night, I close my eyes and I see the darkness of my grandfather’s cell.'

'There's plenty of room at the bottom'

Best speeches of 2023 — The Speakolies awarded on Triple R

"I am a Muslim and I am not a terrorist"

NEW PODCAST EPISODE #52 — The art of the MC, with Julia Zemiro and Brian Nankervis

Is this the best speech of 2023? — Fran Drescher's SAG/AFTRA classic

Only Lisa can make Lisa happy

'Anything for him but mindless good taste'

'We can't reach old age by another man's road' — Mark Twain's 70th birthday speech

'This terrible bereavement, for our nation and for all mankind'

'Still riding for freedom', Tom Calma's Charles Perkins Oration, 2008

'He is all of them, and he is one of us' — Paul Keating's Remembrance Day classic [Repost]

'And the best new artist is ... me!' — Little Richard at the 1988 Grammy Awards

'You're not spending it so well that we should be donating extra' — Kerry Packer's tax minimisation speech, 1991


The 7 speeches featured on 'Conversations' [REPOST]

'You've taken on the wrong Mums!' — Bill Kenwright's speech at Hillsborough Memorial, 2013

Conversations with Richard Fidler — 'The speech collector'

Three Seinfeld speeches — this week's ABC radio segment

'Sometimes comedy is really the only way forward through tragedy' — Pete Davidson's cold open on SNL

'History will absolve me' — Fidel Castro's speech from the dock, 1953

'No takes you nowhere' — Pat Dodson's address at the National Press Club

NEW PODCAST EPISODE #51 — Lahra Carey's eulogy for husband Ben Cowen

Best Rock n Roll Speeches of the 2000s

'All is in vain unless we win!' — Ron Barassi's speech at Croke Park, 1967

'They are the martyred heroines of a holy crusade for freedom and human dignity'

Allan Jeans' 'Pay the Price' — most popular podcast episode

Famous speeches of 9-11

Surely this will be the last opportunity I have to address you

[REPOST] "I’m lucky — at age of 98, I’m still able to do what I promised to do"

In defence of the humanities and 'humans doing' — Kate Mulvany's commencement classic

'Norway is you. Norway is us' — King Harald V's Garden Party Welcome, 2016

It's 'I have a dream' day

NEW PODCAST EPISODE #50 — 'Men, you have ten minutes to live, and I will lead you'

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Great speeches by female footballers — Abby Wambach and Marta

'The enemy has begun to employ a new and most cruel bomb'

NEW PODCAST EPISODE #49 — 'The Year My Brain Broke' with Clare Wright

'I am two years younger than Mr. Yoho’s youngest daughter'

Motion of Destiny — Kwame Nkrumah and the cause of African liberation

Four speeches for the 4th of July

'You committed our troops solely on the say so of George W Bush'

Cut from the broadcast — F-words, Derry girls, and tirades

'Let them walk out with you tonight'

'Goodbye my dear, dear world of a father'

NEW PODCAST EPISODE #48 — 'Winning together', Brendan Gale and the speech that changed Richmond

Australian dream, Twitter nightmare

'Make the stuff you want to make now!'

'Blow your mummas a kiss!' Footy Mum Julie McCreery's magnificent pre-game address

Margaret Edson's masterpiece for teachers — Happy National Teachers Day

Colin Hay's flawless acceptance speech and Sydney Olympics story, APRA Awards, 2023

[ARCHIVE] 'He is all of them, and he is one of us' — Paul Keating's Eulogy to the Unknown Soldier, 1993

The Dame is dead

'In the name of God, go!'

'In FDR there died the greatest American friend we have ever known'

Join me on Notes

[CROSS-POST] Easter Dog, Lazarus Dog

NEW PODCAST EPISODE #47 — Andrew Rule on his eulogy for Les Carlyon

'To tame the savageness of man' — Robert Kennedy's speech on the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Jr

'I shall not seek, and I shall not accept, another term' — President Johnson's address to the nation, 1968

'Ta-ra girl, I'll see you on life's highway' — Paul O'Grady's eulogy for Cilla Black

The funniest man in sports

Vale Ron Joseph

'See me as a human being, not a birth defect"

'Today, I weep for my country' — Robert Byrd's Senate floor speech, 19th March 2003

'I am your warrior, I am your justice, I am your retribution'

NEW PODCAST EPISODE #46 — You daughters of freedom!

Great speeches by women, decade by decade 1970-2023 — Part 2

Great speeches by women, decade by decade 1910-1970 — Part 1

'Some folk will be uncomfortable with the graphic language that I am about to use'

NEW PODCAST EPISODE #45 — 'No, Tony, I did not write the Misogyny speech'

'Produce your voice, Mr Hughes!'

Ameca and The King's Speech

'You don't have to fit in'

Speakola stats — 5 most watched speeches of the week

Love hurts — 'In 1933 I was ten years old'

'We say sorry' — The Apology to The Stolen Generations

"I therefore place the remaining years of my life in your hands" — Mandela's speech on leaving prison, 1990

NEW PODCAST EPISODE #44 — 'Solomon in a singlet'

'Together at last, thank God almighty, together at last!'

'I'm not voting for Barack Obama because he's black ...'

'Thirteen days ago my Dad’s big, beautiful, generous heart suddenly stopped beating'

'When we meet again, we're going on a beer run' — Jimmy Fallon's tribute to Kobe Bryant

'Is this not slavery?' — Jack Patten's opening address to Day of Mourning protests, 1938

'Dean asked me if I'd do a little Shakespeare'

Good-bye Jacinda

Take care of yo' chicken

President Reagan's farewell address — the speechwriting hits of Peggy Noonan

We must dig in and get through to tea — Michael Clarke's eulogy for Phillip Hughes